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Changrong Technology Global Private Label Products Asia Exhibition 2018 Tour successfully concluded!

Changrong Technology Global Private Label Products Asia Exhibition 2018 Tour successfully concluded!


As Asia's only global private-label exhibition, from the beginning of preparation has attracted much attention, this private label Shanghai exhibition is divided into seven exhibition areas, three pavilions, exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, nearly 650 exhibitors, booths up to 1120. In addition to Changrong's personal care and department store home and integrated food, this year's show expanded the fresh ingredients category. All exhibits from factories, production enterprises set up stalls, can be directly into supermarkets, stores, department stores, chain stores, brand stores, convenience stores, community stores, discount stores and so on.

During the exhibition, Mr. Bao, Chairman of Evergreen Technology, was invited to participate in cCTV's "Creative Quality and Win The Future" quality brand pioneer project event, the two sides on the traditional industry to the emerging industry's transformation in-depth discussion. Keeping pace with the times is the characteristic of the development of this era. Bao chairman interview said that it is very happy to participate in this program, this is the program team to Changrong's contribution and social influence to give recognition.

In recent years, Changrong aims at the display of personality, face value, heavy quality consumption trends, has a clear strategy and long-term planning, will be the industry strategy, category strategy and private brand strategy to match, zero supply relationship redefinition, the development of a number of new products.

The exhibition successfully with the new ultrasonic electric toothbrush with the domestic brands, retail, APP and other sales giants to contact and cooperate, while the current situation and development trends of the industry have a better understanding. Evergreen science and technology since the beginning of continuous self-improvement, will not forget the initial heart, with the spirit of ingenuity, customer-centric, to the community for their own continuous progress!

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