We accept sonicare toothbrush OEM service, design service and buyer label offered.


We have the R&D, Quality control  Planning, Purchase, Sales, Logistics, Production etc. department, all of the key process are making in house, so that we can well control the

quality , production lead time and give our client the competitived price.



01.Confirm the demand

Customers can witness the strength of our company through each of our customized services. For us, our aim is to provide the best production services for our customers. Therefore,we pay great attention to the needs of our customers and the environment in which the product is applied and will change the product design accordingly so we need to confirm the demand according to the specifications, dimensions, and special features offered by the customers.

02.Hold a technical seminar

After we obtain the specifications and other parameters required by our customers,  we need to hold a technical seminar to determine the feasibility of our customers' specific specifications.Our company has an excellent technical control team.The team has many years of practical experience in the electronic products. Team members can accurately control the various indicators of the product and strictly enforce the production system.


After the company's technical seminar, we will get the result of whether the production is feasible. If it does not meet the company's production technology requirements, we will immediately communicate with the customer and then discuss the product details and solutions. If the customer's request meets our production requirements after discussion at our technical seminar. we will make a written quotation to the customer and request conformation.

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