MAYZE is a professional personal care products manufacturers and custom electric toothbrush suppliers - because we focus,so we more professional.

What port of loading available for most effective electric toothbrush ?
Most of the moment, Dongyang changrong technology co., LTD will choose the closest port to the warehouse. If you want to specify a port, please contact customer support team. The port we select will always satisfy your price and transport requirements.

To MAYZE, recognition from face skin scrubber industry is the highest achievement. The face skin scrubber series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Many factors have been considered during the development of MAYZE adult electric toothbrush. From the shielding case, conductor, arrangement of circuits, PCB design, to even the size of the heat sink are all carefully thought over and experimented by the technicians. Mayze, Engineered For Your Smile. The product is durable, and for the reason that it is tightly woven, it is not prone to be scratched by sharp nails. Recharge Smile & Vigor!

Efforts will be made to build service-oriented and innovative companies by changrong technology to provide a top-quality electric massager. Please contact us!
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