MAYZE is a professional personal care products manufacturers and custom electric toothbrush suppliers - because we focus,so we more professional.

What products has changrong technology developed?
To date, Dongyang changrong technology co., LTD has developed mainly three categories of products. This includes best rechargeable electric toothbrush . Wide in application, practical in use, beautiful in design, they are now well-received by clients from different countries and regions. Their combined sales at home and abroad account for a large proportion to the total figure per year. They are up to the standards that are internationalized and regionalized. This is a solid foundation for the product promotions.

changrong technology is an integrated and comprehensive supplier with international competitiveness in the fields of electric massager. The electric massager series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The manufacture of MAYZE small body massage machine requires professional industry know-how. It undergoes PCB fabrication, heat treatment, surface polishing, CNC cutting, etc, and all these processes are carried out by expert production workers. Recharge Smile & Vigor! By helping reduce the leakage of the sealed medium, the product can save energy and reduce waste, which directly helps people save on cost. Mayze - Deliver Ultimate & Complete Care.

changrong technology adheres to the concept of adult electric toothbrush and continues to inject a strong technical vitality into power electric toothbrush field. Contact us!
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